The aims of the Association are the furthering and support of the Botanical Gardens of the Christian Albrecht University of Kiel in its wide-ranging duties and responsibilities.

As a scientific establishment of the University, to cultivate the plants of the Botanical Gardens for  research purposes and to build collections of plants for scientific and academic purposes. As a horticultural establishment its role is the development of further education for people involved in the gardening profession. This is particulary aimed at schools and the framework of adult education. As a public open space it brings calm and repose in favourable surroundings.

To these traditional responsibilities comes an increasing understanding of the urgency of the need for the development among the public of protection of the environment. The association supports these ideas financially by means of:

  • public and associative calendar of events
  • the advancement of publications on the Botanical Gardens and publication of pertaining information documents,
  • the advancement of scientific projects and events in the field of botany in the New Botanical Gardens of  the Christian Albrecht University.
  • Provision of the development and care of the scientific plant collections and the necessary fixtures and fittings.

Cardiocrinum giganteum var. yunnanense